Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Outdoor Wednesday! 6/24

Now, after you look here, you go on over to Susan's at A Southern Daydreamer and see everyone's venture outdoors. http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/
Thank you Susan for hosting this adventure.

(Remember if you want to see my photos larger just click on them. To return just hit the back button)

Now, nothing says summer quite like this. Where's a pillow and my book?

A "country garden" wouldn't be complete without foxglove.

I found this butterfly at the garden store. It's on a thin metal stick you put in the ground and it's sort of constantly moving. Cool! I think I'll get some more. They come in all colors and some really shine.

My creeping thyme is blooming. This is more ornamental. Not the thyme you use in food. You could use this in potpourri though.

My shed in the back. The ivy is starting to take over!

I wish my shed had some windows so I could REALLY use it as a potting shed. Right now it
just has "stuff" in it.

An old watering can I discovered when I was pulling out some high weeds.

Have a go at the swing hanging in the big oak tree.
Have a great Wednesday outside! Hope it's not really hot where you are. I have to babysit!! Yikes!!


  1. Break out the saw and cut some windows for yourself?

    Looks like a great spot for a potting shed!!

    Love your hammock-- hope you wouldnt mind me borrowing it would you?


  2. I just love, love your yard....That ivy is wonderful and love that swing...if I had a tree large enough.....
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. Your have a beautiful garden. I could sit a spell here. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Have a wonderful day.

  4. so peaceful and relaxing, thanks for sharing

  5. I love our little swing, so reminiscent of youth. Your potting shed is wonderful and your garden is beautiful.

  6. Your garden is divine! Love the photos!!!

  7. Pretty garden! I love foxglove. It looks so pretty against your white fence.


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