Monday, June 8, 2009

The Peonies are in Bloom

I had such an exhausting day today. I went to a One To One Class at the Apple Store. (Mac people will know what that is.) Just a thing I do every few weeks to keep up on new things, computer-wise. But the rest of the afternoon was going from furniture store to furniture store looking for a dining room table and chairs. I have in mind exactly what I want and sometimes that's not a good thing. I'm looking for a harvest type table, probably at least with painted legs and painted windsor type chairs. I'd like a rubbed black color. Seems simple enough. However, every one I see, isn't the type of more delicate windsor chairs I have in my mind. My sister is here visiting from PA. and she likes to shop so I am dragging her with me. I gave my last dining room set to my step daughter. It was an antique but was an Edwardian style and did not go in this country farmhouse. So my dining room has been empty for over a year! It now has my granddaughter's toys in it and seems to be a big playroom!! I do have to have my room back before Thanksgiving!!
So what does this have to do with peonies?? Nothing, except that a large bush of them greet me as I come up the driveway. They make a wonderful bouquet for my living room and smell heavenly. The climbing rose on my kitchen porch is loaded with buds and should be spectacular this year. It's really a wonder since I really pruned the heck out of it this past year; even this spring! I'll post photos when it starts blooming. The foxglove and Baptisma are blooming too. Don't you love spring . . . almost summer now!


  1. My peonies are going strong right now. My climbing rose not so much. Way fewer blooms than usual and I didn't prune it.
    I do love the spring.
    You will know when you see the table and chairs you want. I make up my mind very quickly. I cruise through the displays in seconds flat and know if there is anything that I want. Bingo bango bongo, as they say. Okay no one says that but me but anyways.

  2. Hi Shirley,
    So glad I found your blog...your home is lovely. I loved the post about the white chairs and geraniums, two of my very favorite things....

    fondly, Rhonda in CA


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