Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Great App.

Actually my Equine Dentist told me about this app, so I have to thank him! (Oscar Suski)
If you're looking to buy a GPS, be sure to try this first if you have a smart phone.
I have an iPhone 4s and this app is amazing. My daughter paid a lot for her Garmen GPS and this is every bit as good. I haven't lost signal once with it. (Something that she complains about with her's)
It cost $2.99!!!!!!!!
You get free voice direction for 30 days and then it is $9.99/year.Well worth it, I'll tell you!
I got a holder for it for my dash on Amazon for $12.99 and I couldn't be happier!!
This App. is amazing!!!!!!!!
My carrier is At&T



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Ill be sure to check it out! :)


  2. THanks for the heads up on this one, Shirley! ..:)JP

  3. Wow, this is good to know, Shirley. I've been thinking about getting a Smart Phone and also have AT&T as a carrier. I've also been thinking of getting a GPS. 2.99 is certainly a great deal! Have a blessed day.


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