Friday, February 3, 2012

A Catch-up Post!

I've been lax on my blogging this past week so I'll just put on a few thoughts for the day here.
Monk is "actively" losing his winter undercoat. Oh My!! I can just easily pull big tuffs of hair out and he doesn't even feel it. When he shakes it's like a hair storm!
So Sunday he is getting groomed. The owner of the barn where my horses are, grooms dogs and is going to bathe and groom him and try to blow out some of the loose hair. I'm sure it will take a few groomings as the shedding has really just started.

I know, I'm a little late but I've just discovered these good little "Darling Clementines"!!!
I've always seen them in the store in the early winter but never got them.
They are so sweet and juicy and so easy to peel.
Yes those are dogs hairs on the matt. That's my life right now, what can I say!

I didn't let my horses out today, even though it was a beautiful day. I don't let them out in the mud and since we are having this warm winter so far, it is nothing but mud!
They go out in the arena for the day with a little hay. I'm sure they are just as bored there as in their stalls but they can move around some and are together.
They stand back by the gate in the sun when I'm not moving them around.

We've had a lot of rain and then a warm up so it's mud, mud, mud.
Some of the horses are out in the pastures but to get there, they must go down a long runway of mud then there's a dip that's like a pond of about 6 inch deep water. Once they go through all that, it's not bad! It's just getting there. The days I go to the barn, if they're out, they won't come in so it is a wasted trip. Tomorrow I'm staying home so maybe I'll have them turned out. It's supposed to be another nice day.


  1. Let Spring quickly come!!!

    God bless,

  2. Your area where the horses can roam looks like my side and back yard from the renovation! Yucky! I just love the pics of the horses. So beautiful. My dogs shed alllllllll the time. I vac every darn day! It is the only thing, well and barking, that I don't adore about those poochies :)

  3. Oh I know what a shagging pooch does, my heart goes out to ya! LOL Hope your horsies are having fun!


  4. I hope they are going to level that ground so it does not freeze and be dangerous for the horses!


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