Thursday, February 23, 2012

Upcoming Move

Moving Horses Soon

I'll be moving my two horses to a barn near Valley City within the next month.
Michele was told about a little arab for sale in this barn and we went to see him.
She has been leasing and taking lessons on him this past month. She's not sure if he's "the one" but he sure is cute with a wonderful personality. She will have to decide.
We fell in love with the barn!
It is an arab training barn but also has some boarders and they are going to make room for us. We have to wait till the end of March.
This barn is so nice and very friendly. It has so many amenities that we have never experienced in a boarding barn before.
Best part is the super care they give all the horses.
I will tell more about it as the month goes on.
Sarah, the owner ,trainer and teacher is super and it will give Michele and I a chance to get back into riding together. That's what we got into horses for in the first place and haven't been able to do that where we are now. This new barn will be half the distance for Michele and the same for me, so it's perfect.

This is the white (grey) arab that brought us to the barn. He is a 10 year old gelding, a pure polish arabian with championship bloodlines. I'll tell you more about him if Michele decides to buy him.
His name is Arkahn.


  1. What a beautiful horse!!!! I hope you guys do get him! He looks wonderfully sweet! :)



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