Monday, February 13, 2012

Freezer Jam

It's not exactly canning season or strawberry season but I was out of freezer jam and found a sale on strawberries!
I got 4 quarts but only had enough sugar to use 2 quarts. I'll get more sugar tomorrow and make another 6 jars.

I cut the strawberries up in pieces.

You have to mash them but doing it this way was too hard.

So I cheated and used my little blender. Don't make soup though!

I like some hunks of strawberries in my jam.
I follow the directions in the SureJell box exactly.
This is after I added the sugar and the warm pectin.
Now stir, stir stir.

Pour into your jars and say a little prayer that it will set up in a few hours!
(Even if it's a soft set, it's still yummy!)
Now, if I could only get the bread making conquered!!!!!!!


  1. Looks absolutely delicious! :) Happy Jam making!


  2. mmmmmm good. I use a book called Small Batch Preserves and it is great for this time of year when you won't have a lot of fresh produce to can.

  3. Ok , so did it work? Hey, I bought some strawberries this week thinking they were from the USA and they were just distributed by the USA but grown in Mexico---I don't usually by things grown there because of all the contamination problems from the past! My hubby was not to happy....but we were both craving strawberries.

  4. Shirley, is it really that easy? I love strawberry jam...:)JP

  5. Looks delicious!!!
    Hope you had a pleasant valentine's day,


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