Monday, February 20, 2012

Warning: Our Brains Are Mush!

Brain Mush

I thought about this the other day as I was aimlessly driving to my new barn. I wasn't paying a bit of attention as to where I was going because the (wonderful) GPS on my iPhone was telling me every turn to make. If you somehow make a wrong turn it reroutes you and will get you to your destination no matter what!!
We don't have to look at maps or bother with directions. We just have to listen and do what the little GPS says!

We also don't ever have to remember anyone's phone numbers or addresses any more as all that info is stored in our phones or on our computers. Most of our phones will find the number of the person we want and dial it for us.

Watching our favorite TV programs no longer requires that we remember when they are on. We just set the DVR, it finds them and records them and we can watch them anytime.

Does anyone really write out things longhand anymore? With the computer and texting via your phone, we just type. We don't even have to know how to spell as the word processor corrects misspelled words as you go along. Of course you'd better read over the email before you press "send" because some times it picks a wrong word that could change the whole meaning to what you intended to say.

Anyway, don't get me wrong, I love all these conveniences. I think for my age I'm sort of "techy". But I have to say, it's harder for me to think of things anymore.
I'm blaming it on the above and not my age!!
I'm doing my little part to help. I have the app "Scrabble" on my iPhone and play it everyday!
It requires a little bit of thinking anyway.

OK, I'm going to go talk to Siri for awhile.
Goodnight : ))



  1. Shirley, your blog made me smile. My sentiments exactly. I had to laugh when I read the sentence "On the way to my new barn"! We are glad you are coming, and look forward to a great equine experience with you!


  3. Although I've always been technologically "in" I refuse to depend on gadgets totally!...:)JP

  4. Haha same.... though I liek writing things out by hand :)



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