Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Lot of Nothin' and a Little Somethin'

I've spent the day at home today. Something I don't do but about once a week.
Although I did do some cleaning this morning and I made a good dinner of an herb rubbed roasted pork loin, I've spend much of the day on this computer just reading blogs, looking at Facebook and then there's my new addiction, Pinterest. For sure that's a time guzzler!!
I did find a couple good sites I want to share.
As I was looking at ways to get organized , I found a site that tells you:
25 Things To Throw Out Today!
It's here:
Now, I wrote them down but didn't do any of them yet. I'll start that my next full day at home
: ))

Then I found something I can do with my 3 old cell phones.
Cell Phones for Soldiers to use to call home.
This site shows drop off places in your zip code or if you have less than 4 phones you can put them in a mailing envelope and drop them in the mail. They provide you with a free mailing label that you can print out.

Well, that's my knowledge for today, the rest I pinned on my boards. Check them out.
There's a Pinterest button to the right.
I have to go move around now, I can't feel my feet!!


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