Friday, January 13, 2012

Monk and the New Snow

We finally got snow last night after having a bare December and early January! Not normal for NE Ohio!!! So Monk was excited to get out in it this morning. He was romping around which is kind of hard to capture when I'm holding him and the camera. He won't be trained to the Invisible Fence till spring so I have to keep him on a line. I don't think he'd go far but you just never know if he would see someone walking their dog down the road.
I'll try to take my video camera out with me next time I take him out and if I get anything, I'll tack it on to here!

This big limb broke off my old pear tree last week in the wind. Glad it didn't hit the boat!

Monk thinks his job is to "shovel" all the snow off of things with his tongue.
I'm supposed to be at the barn today but don't want to drive in this. The roads are supposed to still be bad. So I'll wait. Maybe later.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE Monk! What a sweet soul. Glad his heart worm treatment worked and he is done with that. He has faced so much and is still the best buddy you could have. His coat looks so much better. Beautiful dog.


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