Monday, January 2, 2012

Doggy Breath!!

Special Doggy Mouth Care

Monk has BDB! (BAD Doggy Breath.) It'll knock you down! The vet says he needs his teeth cleaned but can't for a while. So, Carol from our boarding barn told me about this procedure.
I have never been one to buy doggy tooth paste and try to brush my dog's teeth. But I'll try anything as to not have Monk's breath be so toxic!

So . . . I've got the Peroxide

I've got the cotton balls.

And I've got "the Monk".

He justs lays down when you want to do anything with him!

His front teeth look good but he has some tarter and stuff on the back ones.

Actually these bigger squares are better for such a big mouth.
Just wipe the teeth and the gums. And with him, there's a whole lot of mouth and jowls to wipe out!!!

He says, if we're done, I'd like outta here!
I've been cleaning his mouth for 3 days and I am actually starting to notice an improvement with his breath already!
Rocky, you're next!!



  1. Oh i have heard of this before! We've been meaning to try it with our dogs too as lately there breath is rancid!!! I don't know why - they don't get much in the way of table scrapes or fancy bones...anyways, if you think it is already working some, we are definitely trying!

    And Monk is too cute!

  2. WHAT a cutie!!!! Thanks for the tip too! I give mine some yoghurt and that seems to work a bit :) Baking soda on a tootbrush works too! And I know leftovers and canned food will give them stinker breath! Usually, I keep mine on a dry diet or home cooked food especially for your furry baby.


  3. First Image of him is hysterical! Looking at you!


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