Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hot Summer Day

It was near 90 today and very uncomfortably humid. I went to the barn but only spent time enough there to water everyone, clean Satire's stall and take Satire for a short walk. The other horses were out and two of them have lost their fly masks somewhere in the pasture. Too hot to go look for them today though. I'll assign that to Michele for tomorrow : ))
This photo is from the other day when William came to the barn for a visit. He's the one who had owned Rauls. He brought his new rescue dog, Belle. She's a miniature Aussie. Really cute and a little shy. Two of the quarter horses chased her out in the pasture and she took off like a shot! So much for her herding horses! She came right back to William's whistle though.

We used to ride with William all the time. He has two other horses at another barn.
He's 89!

Still hot this evening so I just had a light supper of a chicken salad, French bread and a cold sports drink.

By the way, an update on last week's lightning strike and damage. Everything is fixed and back to normal and I got a new TV for upstairs. We had a thunderstorm last night but other than the dog waking me to get up and sit with him (!!), there was no problems.


  1. So love your header, Shirley. What a gorgeous Aussie. I can picture him runny like a bat outta the pasture.

    Glad everything is ok. Dinner looks deelish. Hot here also.
    May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

    Happy 4th, sweetie.

    TTFN ~

  2. Well definitely not that hot here but sunny all day.
    Much as we love animals they are a lot of work no matter what the weather is. Good thing they give us so much in return.

  3. Interesting, nice post. I like to hear how others spend time. I have a dog who thinks she should try to sit on my head during storms (??)
    Your dinner looks cool and delicious.

  4. A touchign post. I loved reading it. Happy fourth, many blessings, marlis

  5. If the horses were chasing me, I would have ran too! Chicken salad is my FAVORITE...I put a scoop right on my big tossed salad...:)JP


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