Sunday, July 3, 2011

What's Up With Bread!!

OK, What The Heck!!
I finally got up enough nerve (and the time) to stay home and try to make bread with my new mixer.
The mixer worked wonderfully and the kneading was done in about 4 minutes.

I turned it into a greased bowl to let it rise.

It's rising in a slightly warmed oven.

I used bread flour. Maybe I should've just used regular??
It says "all-purpose" I wonder if that matters! I thought the Bread flour would do better???

I used the thermometer to make sure the water etc was the right temp so I wouldn't kill the yeast.

It rose to about twice the size, I guess. It made an indentation when I poked it.

I punched it down, divided it and rolled it out and made two loaves.

I put it back in the oven and covered it to rise again.
It sort of doubled. (I guess)

Baked it like the recipe instructed. But this is not what I wanted to see. I want it twice that high!!
It smelled wonderful and tastes good but it is a little too dense.

OK, you bread making people. What went wrong?????????
Maybe my glass pans are too big?? Is that possible?

It tastes good but not light enough!!

P.S. You know, this even happened to me with a bread machine!!

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  1. I'm no help -- but that last picture sure looks tempting!

  2. I would try it again with all purpose flour. The longer you work the dough the tougher and more dense the bread. You could try cutting back the time on mixing.
    I would also check the yeast. It may be old.
    Did you use 5 cups or 6? You might need to cut back on the flour or add a touch more water. Your dough looks dry and not sticky.

  3. And I was thinking your dough looked too wet and sticky and maybe a little more flour. Did you give the yeast time to work on its own in some water before adding it to the mix? I can see we are not much help to you. I've never made bread with a mixer. It also could be that your pans are large. It actually looks really good! I don't like the bread too light and airy>

  4. Maybe a tsp or 2 of vital wheat gluten & a pinch of ginger. Yeast loves ginger and you won't taste it! I make fresh milled whole wheat bread & the vital wheat gluten is necessary for texture & making the loaf rise! good luck! I get my VWG at walmart it's $2.18 for the box! Pixie

  5. Gold medal maybe the problem, I remember my mom saying don't use it. Saflour? is a much better flour to use.


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