Thursday, July 21, 2011

Know Your Mushrooms?

These mushrooms have appeared on the north side of a big tree that is cut halfway down. It had fallen in a storm a couple years ago but I only had it taken down where it cracked off because it's holding up one end of my hammock! So this is pretty much dead wood that they have grown on.

Anyone know what these are??

They're kind of pretty.

Also an update on the bluebird eggs. One morning I looked in to see if they had hatched and they were gone and there was evidence of some broken shells. So I supposed the raccoon got them.

It is so hot and humid here like so many places, it actually makes me nauseated to be out in it very long. Tomorrow I must go to the barn for a couple hours but I plan on playing in water. I like to wet the horses down. I'm sure it feels good to them too.



  1. I have no idea what kind of mushrooms those are but I figure they aren't edible! They are pretty though!

    Try to stay cool!

  2. Hi Shirley, it is a type of Bracket Fungus and I think MAY BE 'Chicken of the woods' Though, please don't take my word for it... It certainly looks lovely anyway :o)

  3. Your mushrooms look like butterflies! I would name them something fanciful :) BUT don't try to eat them! I know what you mean about this heat. I can hardly function and my memory has evaporated.


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