Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Purchase

This was my old TV stand. Much too small for the TV and I sure didn't like the black with my new bright yellow room. I need things to brighten up the room since I can't get rid of the brown leather furniture right now.
I may even paint my blanket chest white. It's in front of the couch, used as a coffee table.
The little table had to go.

I found the perfect TV cabinet I wanted and had to wait for it as it was out of stock FOREVER!!
It was finally delivered UPS and they left it in the middle of the driveway halfway to the house!!! That's a long ways! I couldn't get out there in time to plead for him to bring it at least to the deck before he sped away!
Thank goodness I found a hand truck in the garage.
Still, it was so hard!

I tipped it back onto the deck and slid it off.

Then practically killing myself, I slid it into the doorway to the family room.

As you can see, it weighs 92.8 lbs!!!!!!!!!!

Once I got it in, I un-boxed it and stacked it to wait for my son. (Because I hate to put this type of furniture together!)

My son came over after a couple days and whipped it together in no time. He also but all my electronics back in there correctly.

Wow, what a difference. It brightens up that whole corner. I LOVE it!!

And all my DVD's etc. fit inside with room to spare. So neat!
I got it from Overstock.com : ))


  1. Love your new white cabinet for the tv and all the wires are not seen at all! Looks perfect there. Glad you got into the house. My UPS guys are so cool here- they always get it on the deck for me.
    Haven't been hopping in awhile, so trying to catch up- the grandkids have grown so much and what is it with boys and flashlights? Mine used to have theirs all the time.
    Love all your daisies and cone flowers! It's hotter than hot here, hope your horses are doing ok in it.

  2. Shame on your UPS guy...ours are always so helpful and they will put a package anywhere I ask...and I have had some heavy ones. Love your new cabinet, it really looks great under your TV. I love your new blog header...it really depicts Shirley's World. Have a great one and sorry that it has been so long since I have been by. Sometimes life just gets in the way of all our fun.

  3. Painting your coffee table white will make it all blend in nicely. What lovely view from your windows.


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