Saturday, May 21, 2016

Some Weeds Are Really Wild Flowers.

Yes, this is the first one we think of.
The beautiful dandelion.
One of the first flowers of the spring and the scourge of some people that want those perfect lawns.
A lot of money is spent trying to kill these beauties with poison weed killers.
I've developed a whole new love of dandelions since I've let my back property go wild and I have chickens that love to eat them.  The greens are eatable and can be used in salads.
Look at all those seeds waiting for a breeze to plant themselves and give me more beautiful flowers!

Here are some other "wild things" I found just walking around my yard.
These are the flowers of the creeping ground ivy.  Or as my father used to call it "creeping Joe".
Yes, it spreads like crazy but you have to admit it looks very pretty in the spring.

I found some wild strawberry too.

And the beautiful little wild violets.

So take a walk and look carefully.  There's beautiful flowers everywhere.


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