Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rocky, You Bad Boy!!

See this really cute snowman? Well, I hand crafted him about 15 years ago and he comes out every Winter. I thought he really looked neat sitting on this red and green child's chair.
Well . . . so did Rocky!
He liked him a LOT!

This is what's left of him!!!!!! I'm so upset! I don't even know where his head is!!

I yelled at Rocky and told him he was a bad, bad boy!!!

Now he won't look at me!


  1. I know exactly how you feel-my little dog has chewed up(really bad)my husband's grandmother's bed posts-don't they know what's theirs! The post is really cute though-I hope you can mend Mr. Snowman!

  2. My dog has a hard time with stuffed toys. She thinks they are hers to chew up. I'm sorry about your snowman. I hope you can put it back together again. I also hope you and Rocky are speaking again. :)

  3. Oh mom, you know he loves you and didn't know how much Mr Snowman meant to you. I have one that brought me the controller to my son's electric blanket tonight.
    Save the parts and make a wreath out of him- the head should pass tomorrow...

  4. Oh, I know it's heartbreaking that Mr Snowman has been destroyed. The photos of Rocky are funny though - I know that 'I'm not looking at you' pose! Can you rescue the arms, legs, scarf and hat and graft them on to a new body? It seems a shame not to recycle them into a new snow man.

  5. ahhhh, story of my life! We lost a couch (hand me down, not brand new thank goodness) to our boxer mix and countless other misc. items to our hound :(

  6. Shirley, that's too funny! I LOVE the look his his face! He's really annoyed at you. Perhaps he thought a stranger had entered the abode...now he can't figure out why you yelled...he was just doing his job!!!! Don't worry, you'll find his head...:)JP


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