Friday, December 10, 2010

My Christmas House

I'm linking on with a new party this week at A Vision To Remember.
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More Christmas Decor in Shirley's World

Outside it's snowy and cold. And I just heard the weather report and we are due for a lot more snow starting Sunday night!!!!!!

Inside it's warm and cozy.

My little Charlie Brown primitive tree is up in the front living room.

You know when Rocky ate my snowman . . . I rescued the little hat and scarf and put it on this cat!

My dining room windows have wreaths inside.

I love candy canes and so do my horses!!!!

PLEASE Rocky, do not touch this Mr Snowman!!!!

A little greenery on the kitchen hutch.

And sprinkles. All ready for baking!


  1. Hi Shirley, this post is so nice! Lovin all your snowmen and the hat and scarf look good on the kittie!
    I'ld bet Rocky would like a candy cane, too and then his kisses would be better smelling.
    I'm sorry you are getting more snow! We were supposed to get 4-8 inches, but they have changed their minds and think it's all going north but an inch of it.
    I love prims and black mixed in things and I love all your trees!

  2. Hi again- I got the purse the week of Thanksgiving. Have you heard of free cycle there? It is a group on yahoo that you can join and give things away instead of them ending up in the landfills. It's a very green thing here. Well, friends of ours got all this stuff from there and she was listing it. My son wanted an electic blanket but the terms were we had to take it all. A truck load of it.
    So we took the whole truck load- there were 6 large garbage bags of good clothes, shoes and purses. So we sorted and this is the only thing I kept out of the clothes- called a gal here in town and donated the rest to a clothes closet for those who need some help, sorted the rest out for the Kid's Shopping Night we have here and we only kept very little for ourselves.
    I sent the 3 stooges hallmark ornaments and a glass urinal into my booth at the anitque mall.
    We recycled 99% of it to other places.
    So that's how I found the purse!

  3. Your pictures make your home look so warm and welcome. I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

  4. Shirley, I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to copy the grain scoop with the candle in it and the old chopper set against it. I have those things and LOVE the idea! ...:)JP

  5. Love the idea of the wreaths on the inside on your windows and all the greenery!


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