Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Starting Slow

Very Slow

I was babysitting with my grandkids today so I only had a little time during their naps and all I could find during that little time was some ribbon. I haven't hauled all my Christmas decor out of the garage yet.
I did bake some sugar cookies yesterday but I think between the kids and I, we ate about half of them!!

It's the first day of really cold temperatures and a few snow flurries today.
Makes me sort of feel like baking cookies or bread or something.
Maybe it will pass : ))

Tomorrow and Friday are my days at the barn so I'll see if I'm still in that baking mood after spending the day in the cold!


  1. Those kids must love coming to your house! Cookies! You know, my neither of my grandma's ever made cookies!
    Nor did my mom! I was the cookie maker of the family.
    I'm sure Rocky was there to clean up all of the crums, too. Who needs a dust buster?
    Stay warm the next couple of days. You could always stand in a fresh pile if your toes get cold. It really does work!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Fun little wreath on the birdhouse-I can almost smell the sugar cookies(my favorite)-save some for me -I'm on my way over!


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