Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Aching Back!

This took me all evening!!! Not that there's so many but I keep losing the scissors, the tape, the pen etc. I'm just not very organized anymore!!!
I wrapped most all the Christmas presents. First I used the bed but it was hurting my back so then I tried wrapping on the floor. That was worse. Every year, I swear I'm going to wrap as I get them but never do. I just remembered I have two more that my sister sent for the kids I've got to wrap and also the hardest of them all . . . Two kid's snow shovels and 2 of those round disc sleds. Oh My! AND I just remembered I have to babysit tomorrow. : {
Well, I also baked some cookies. (Gingerbread) and made some more of my secret "home made" stuff that I'm giving. It's a secret so I can't divulge it now!


  1. Shirley buy the plastic gift bags; Target has them, I believe red with white snowflakes and they call them 'bike bags' since they are big enough to fit a bike! I wrapped a snow shovel in one this year so I speak first hand when I say they work PERFECT!

  2. Oh, I so know what you mean! I used to do all of my wrapping in the living room floor. Not anymore. I have to use the kitchen table. And I have to be sitting down.
    They have wonderful huge bags out there! I have used them for different things. I have found some even at the Dollar Tree before. I have even used big garbage bags and stuck a big bow on them!
    Good luck on wrapping the rest!
    I got mine done this morning!
    Merry Christmas- Tete


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