Thursday, December 30, 2010

Confessions of a Non-Cook

Yes, OK, It's Cheating!

BUT, sometimes you come home and you're hungry and you want to eat now, not in an hour and a half!
That was this week. I figured I did enough "real" cooking in the past few weeks so I looked around in my cupboards and found the "easy starters".
It's one step up from stopping for fast food though, RIGHT!!!

I saw a picture last week of Linguine with Alfredo sauce on it and had been thinking about it ever since. So I was glad when I found this envelope of Alfredo Sauce. It's just a powder with heaven knows what in it!! But I followed the directions and Wallah!! Sauce! I made linguine noodles and had frozen broccoli with it. It was a tasty meal!

A couple nights later, with lots of Linguine Alfredo left over I dug out a box of Shake'N Bake and made some chicken cutlets with it!

Added some frozen mixed veggies and had another quick meal.

For desert, a slice of Sarah Lee pound cake with yogurt and berries on top. Yumm!!!!

Dare I list these non-cooking meals on Michael Lee's beautiful blog!! Oh, why not!!
I just know everyone out there doesn't make spectacular meals everyday!!!!

Please visit the other participants . . . even though they'll put me to shame!!!!



  1. I have been doing the semi homemade cooking for years. When the kids were small and I was working, I needed meals that I could do in half an hour or less.
    It's not cheating- it's cooking smart! Ragu also has that sauce in a jar where you use just as much as you need and put the rest in the fridge.
    Isn't shake and bake just the greatest thing? Makes a great crunchy top on casseroles, too.
    Your dishes are making me hungry. No wonder Rocky watches you cook- hoping you will trip and drop the whole thing in the floor for him.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Hi Shirley, Your food looks delicious and beautiful. I also have the Currier and Ives dishes - aren't they fabulous? Have a wonderful New Year.
    Blessings, Beth

  3. This looks like some yummy comfort food. :)


  4. The food looks just fine, and easy, which is always welcome after all of the work the holidays involve. Your dishes are wonderful! I love the color.

  5. I love the Shake & Bake on pork chops, too!!!! I was just thinking about making some stuffed pork chops...I guess I need breakfast as I'm simply thinking food right now!...:)JP

  6. you go girl!!
    I just got out of the hospital and I had fettuccine and it was awful....I hadn't eaten in several days so maybe it was me.
    YOurs looks delish and sometimes the easy way is just the way to go!

  7. It all looks good to me! Thank you for sharing and you have a very Happy New Year!

  8. I will have to try that mix - great idea! And so yummy. I have those dishes, too - they were my grandmothers. What delicious sounding meals and that cup of tea is a perfect accompaniment. I love to cook, but sometimes you are just hungry and don't have time for the fancy stuff.

  9. I think it looks yummy -- I'm big on the semi-homade! Been doing it for years -- it just makes sense for busy people! Have a great new year!

  10. Looks great! You brought back lots of memories with your Currier & Ives dishes! I've eaten many meals off this pattern! Happy New Year!


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