Sunday, December 19, 2010

Echo in High Fashion

Echo is looking quite fashionable in his new Christmas halter to match his blanket, don't you think!!

I got out a nice clean one for Preacher that matches is manly plaid coat!
As you can tell, I spent most of the day at the barn.
So far the only water that is freezing is in the tub in the arena. The stall buckets have been ice free which is great because that's one of the most hated jobs; cracking ice out of buckets and continually refilling in the really cold weather!



  1. Cute! Lucky for you with your water buckets; our mini's barn always seems to have frozen water buckets too early! The big horses seem to keep their barn better insulated thank goodness :)

  2. Very smart looking. I can only imagine how hard it would be to keep the water from freezing the barn.

  3. Oh, Shirley, Echo looks like a giant mint flavored Oreo cookie! And Preacher...well he looks like he just came out of my L L Bean Catalog!!! Merry Christmas...:)JP

  4. Those are two well accessorized horses, with their matching halter/blanket outfits. Echo looks like he's pleased with his look.


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