Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Out My Window

This morning!! It is STILL snowing.
I'm pretty much snowed in here. I hate not having a 4 wheel drive vehicle!

The birds are lined up at the feeders and I will have to go out and refill the feeders soon.
My back storm door won't open as the snow is blocking it so I have to go out the kitchen door and go around to clean off a path on the deck!!
Awwwwww, Winter!!

Female cardinal

A little nuthatch


  1. Beautiful! I work in Medina and although it is lovely to watch out my window, I'd be happier if I was watching from a window at HOME! In Lodi, at least as of 7:30am, we didn't have nearly as much as Medina!

  2. oh, its sooooooo beautiful!!! I want some!!! I have to mow my lawn today, sigh.

  3. Oh Shirley how beautiful it must be to look out your windows. I love the pictures in your new header. The cardinals are so beautiful. We don't have them here in Oregon. Stay warm and cozy and enjoy the view with a hot cup of tea.

  4. Oh sigh! such a beautiful site, the snow is so fluffy. You could send some here!! We will take it.

    I am sorry you are snowed in but we would not have these awesome photos if you had a 4 wheeler.

    Stay warm when you venture out to fill the feeders.

  5. Wow. We don't even have 1/10th of an inch down here. I had no idea you were getting so much up there. It looks so pretty though!

  6. Shirley, what a winter wonder you have! You truly are blessed by it's beauty! I love snow...I just hate the cold & this morning it was 13 here in VA!...:)JP

  7. I don't think 4 wheel drive will help in that- you need a snow mobile. We had one on the farm in Ohio. It could always get around as long as there was snow.
    They're kind of fun, too!


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