Monday, March 17, 2014

What I'd Do If I won a Huge Lottery!

I'm sure we've all given it a little thought about what we'd do if we came into a lot of money.  
What would you do?
Well, for one thing, I would not move out of my house!!
I love this house but I certainly would do all the things to it that I've dreamed about.
I'd hire an architect and have a nice big wrap around porch put onto it.  One that looked like it was always with the house.
I would try to buy a little more land around my house from the golf course so I had about 5 acres.
It goes without saying that I'd have a first floor laundry.  Maybe change my office into a laundry.
Then I'd have them install a laundry shoot from the second floor.
I'd have all the poorly done drywall in the entire house redone.
I'd hire a gardener and do something great with my back yard.
I'd replace the big tree I lost by the house a couple years ago but I'd replace it with an already big tree.
With more land, I'd build a little barn.
I'd have both bathrooms redone.  One of the bathrooms would have a nice deep claw footed tub.
I'd replace the flooring in the family room with wood or tile (which I'm going to do anyway.)
I'd replace all my leather and upholstered furniture that's been ruined by the cats.
I'd have all the windows in the family room replaced with the kind with the interior shades.
Of course the electrical mysteries in this house need figured out and replaced.
Oh my, I better start buying lottery tickets!!
Why wouldn't I just buy another already finished house?  Because I'm really attached to this one!
I'd like to bring her up to the magnificent house that she could be.

What would you do if you had millions??
It's fun to imagine.



  1. This was a fun post. I would be much like you and want to do lots and lots of the reno ideas I have in my head about this house. But....because I really want to be on the lake I'd probably end up moving. It would be so nice to actually see all of my ideas on this house actually happen though. I also have a large list of changes, big and small I'd like to make. But I am also much like you in that the long and short of it is....I love this house! Nothing wrong with dreaming right?

  2. I've thought about it a lot - and I love my little cottage home so I would be doing all the things that I have dreamed about doing and couldn't afford. I definately would have a daily maid to come in and keep my the house in order. I would donate a lot of money to the homeless dogs and cats and a few other charities. And of course I would see that my son and granddaughter would be taken care of.

  3. Ummmm... where is the buy my daughter some Arabian show horses, mom??? : ) Thats what I would buy, ride...stare at, photograph and I would make Sarah Vas show them! Then I am sure I would start some kind of Animal Rescue Sanctuary. Maybe I would buy a Starbucks to and have it built in the Equestrian Center & Arena I would have.... I would get my family somethings that they want. And another show horse for my Niece Ava!


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