Friday, March 28, 2014

Praying to God that I'm Finally Fixed!!!

I've had a bad year so far.
However after this 3rd hospitalization and second surgery and every test in the book, I'm hoping and praying I'm fixed!!

My sister has been here with me in the hospital and now this first week at home.
That makes things so much better mentally to have her here so I don't sit and imagine all kinds of bad  things!
But after all this, no cancer was found anywhere.
Thank you Jesus.

Now just to rest and recover.
In the meantime, 
I'm having my contractor put a new floor in my family room.
I've had it with carpeting and dogs!
Especially since this room is the one you come right into from the outside.
It's going to be so much better to keep clean.
He's out there working as I type!
This was the before (filthy) carpeting.

This is today as he works.

 I'll show the finished room next blog.



  1. So sorry that you had to have surgery and so happy to hear there is no cancer. Now just rest and get well - all your babies are happy that your home now.

  2. Blessings to you! May Spring be a refreshing time as you mend and rest. The new floor will be beautiful and I know that you will truly love it.
    God Bless and a big thank you Jesus is in order,

  3. So sorry you have been through so much. You look very well having had these issues. I need you carpet, but when I do make a change, going with wood floors. Carpets is nice, but holds too much dirt you cannot see. May you be blessed with no more health issues

  4. You have had a rough trot hope all is well soon.
    Carpet and dogs just does not go together, wood floor much better.


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