Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Aging Thing

I had a whole post written out long hand about my health condition lately.  Really it was a health rant.  I read it over today and it even bored me, so I scraped that one.  No one wants to hear about someone else's health issues.  Maybe it was good for me to put it all down in writing though.  I did feel better after doing that!
I'm speaking with us seniors here, you know, the elders, the ones of us supposedly entering or in their "golden years".  (cough, cough!)  Yes, those of us getting the wonderful mail about hearing aides, power wheelchairs, nursing homes and funeral expenses.
I know I'm not alone when I talk about not being able to get the things done every day that I intend on doing!  I try to get up earlier, mainly because I don't sleep very well anyway.  Once I get moving, feed the animals, let the chickens out in their run and finally have my breakfast, I plan on doing things or going to the store during the first half of the day.  It seems once 4pm comes, I run out of steam!  I've never been one to take a nap . . ever!  But I'm beginning to think that maybe an afternoon siesta might help!  Dr Oz says that if you can keep your power naps to under 30 minutes you won't feel all sluggish afterwards.  I didn't think I could do anything "power" anymore, but maybe I can manage a "power nap"!!
It's hard for me to believe that a year ago, even 8 months ago I was riding my horses and actually had energy!  What happened to me so quick!
I've had all kinds of x-rays, CT scans, tests and even exploratory abdominal surgery.  (And also those "unpleasant procedures "with the horrible preps!!!! 
Incidentally, now they want me to swallow a capsule with a camera in it.  If anyone has done this test, please email me as I have questions!
I start back with Physical Therapy for my back problems next week so I'm hoping that will help.
Ok, Ok . . . enough health crap.
I planned on doing other things this winter too.  Like learn to crochet better and make some hats.  I was going to really start buying Christmas presents all year so the rush right before Christmas wouldn't make me crazy.
I have to get my carpet cleaned in the family room but I'm just too tired to move furniture.  I wanted to really start de-cluttering this house but of course that is just over whelming!!
I planned on trying to do more mental games, like crosswords or learn sudoku but I found when I try that it makes me feel really dumb!  So I get out my coloring books!!  Really, I find that coloring (with crayons) actually is very relaxing to me.
I hope I'm not sounding too nuts here!
Oh, here's another thing . . .
I find myself swearing a lot more.  (I mean, The F-bomb swearing!!!!!)  Not ever out in public but when I'm home by myself.  Mostly because little things are hard and irritate me so much more.  Why is it SO hard to open ANYTHING!!  I figure someone will find me starved to death someday because I can't open anything.  I have a jar opener and still can't open some jars.  Even cardboard packages of things like cookies etc.  Who are they afraid will get into these things for heavens sake!!
Thank goodness my box of Cream of Wheat is still easy to open  : ))
Well, that's it for this evening.  It seems my mind is shutting down.  Must me bedtime!
The old person in me will be writing again on aging when the spirit moves me.

Please comment so I know I'm not the only one feeling like this!!!!!!



  1. I'm getting older too, I retired a few years back but I did retire early. Two friends at my work died of secondary cancers, and I found I didn't want to go to work any more and the other half had heart attacks and was unable to work so our lifestyle is very quiet now.
    I knit and sew and can paint when ever I want to now never any time before but you are right the energy levels are lower than they were and it's not that hard to lose track of the days.
    When it's really bad I put the TV on and watch the Cricket, I always fall asleep.

  2. It is difficult isn't it. I am younger than you but I still find that I am slowing down. A couple years ago I was working 4 X 10 hour shifts at work and it was fine. The we stopped for a year. Now I am able to do them again but I find the 10 hours tiring and it is not physical either.
    I find the the little issue I had when I was younger are not bigger issues.
    As for my brain ... I couldn't take a test to save my life. I can learn how to do anything and once I know it I know it well but to take a course and then write an exam is not possible. A bit of residual ADD on my part as tests were never my strong point but now I couldn't recall data or other things without an open book.
    I have a monthly subscription to a game site and I exercise my brain daily. I play a lot of Hidden Object games where I have to find things and use them in the puzzle story and work out problems. Very good for the brain. Then I play some other games that are timed and I have to move pieces around to match so they disappear and the space is marked as completed. These keep my reflexes fast and my brain zipping. These games are all very visual and a good brain challenge.
    In my case not being able to open the cookies is probably a good thing. Lol.
    I guess we are getting older and it is better than ... well.... not getting older. Take care my friend and I hope your tests give you some answers.

  3. Shirley,

    I so feel your pain! issues are autoimmune, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, yadayada.....I would so anything to have some energy! Any energy.....and I lost my ability to ride years ago and still miss it every day.....I hit 60 this year, and it has had a profound change on how on look back at my life. If I could have one thing back right now, without a second thought it would be my health......period.
    The energy deficit has to be a normal aging thing, I see it in my healthy 60 and 70 something friends gentle with yourself anf keep going to different docotors until you find one that knows what the heck is going on.....and as far as the F bombs, if it helps to say that once in awhile or maybe more than once in awhile...go for is just a word......I spend a lot of time doing my genealogy work so my mind is sharp, but hands hurt like There will be better days.....Sandy

  4. You are definitely not alone. I just turned 71-in my mind I am about 50, but my body sure doesn't know it. It really is difficult mentally to know there are things I can't do anymore.

  5. Believe me Shirley, you are not alone. 5 years ago I was 74 and working 5 days a week on a dead run 8 to 10 hour days. I was the Director of Sales for a hotel and worked many many hours. Kept up my 6 room home and garden with 2 dogs. I had to retire due to getting very ill and I ended up with COPD, high blood pressure and few minor things. I can't hardly open anything LOL I keep pliers handy to open water bottles.
    I get up at about 7 am get my work done because by 1:00 I need to sit down and take a power nap and maybe a tiny one after dinner and go to bed about 11 p.m. There are more days that I have a plan on what I am going to do and then I look at that list and say - tomorrow. When the COPD acts up that elephant is sitting on me and I'm not worth anything.
    So my dear Shirley, you are not alone - there are NO golden years - we all worked to long and didn't take time and smell the flowers.
    Hang in there I think you get a lot done, you are just to hard on yourself.
    Have a wonderful week and hopefully when the warm weather comes you will feel better.
    Lots of hugs


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