Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Week of Misc.

Early this week my one barn cat, Pepsi was missing.  She is the friendliest one and her mother cat Angel is more feral.  Pepsi always sticks close by and especially in the colder weather she doesn't like to give up her spot under the heat lamp.  It worried me a lot because I hear coyotes howling sometimes at dusk.  She was missing for three days and then yesterday morning there she was, under the lamp like nothing had happened and she looks just fine.

Her momma cat was glad to see her too.

I caught her laying on the kitchen porch this morning.

I've been having a Nutra Bullet healthy smoothie about every other day.
Here was today's.
Spinach, pineapple, banana, apple and a spoonful of yogurt.

After years of trying all kinds of face creams and wrinkle creams, I am convinced that nothing really does anymore than good old Ponds.
So that's what I've gone back to.
To think . . . all the money I've wasted on expensive wrinkle fixing creams!!!
And I'm still wrinkled!

We had a couple nice days temperature wise.  It was actually 63 degrees today!!
But, it's NE Ohio and we are expecting snow tonight and low temps of 7 degrees!!
I did get out to the barn to see my horses today.  They are muddy of course!
That will be a job all spring!
I'm hibernating for the next two days.  Then it's supposed to go back up to at least the 40's!



  1. So glad your kitty came home - maybe there will be babies. Looks like your doggie wanted a smoothie also.
    Stop by my post and get a little Spring - I posted quite a few of my flowers in bloom. Hopefully this will be the last of your bad weather.
    I lived many years in Cleveland, Euclid and Jefferson, Ohio and in Jefferson we had a farm So I know how terrible the winters can be there.

  2. it is so strange the way the cat disappears then all of a sudden comes back with no reason ...so happy your kitty is where she belongs...I remember Ponds at the drug store, did not know they still sold it...you are probably right, it is all the same....stay warm

  3. No babies here. They are spayed.

  4. My mother washed her face daily and used Ponds cold creme...she had beautiful skin!!!...:)JP

  5. Whodini, Who for short, one of my cats often is missing but turned up again she likes her freedom to roam.
    The others always are close by.
    My mum used ponds cold creme the smell always remind me of her.


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