Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Connection Republished

I'm reposting this one because it is so true.
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The Connection
A lot has been written about the psychological closeness between women and horses. I don't think it's truly understood. All I know is that it's a fact of life. There comes a time in almost every little girl's life when she falls in love with horses. It happened to me so early, I don't even remember my age. I do know that my mother told me that one of my first words was "sorky" which meant horsey to me then. I remember cantering like a horse where ever I went; my bike was a horse, I drew horse pictures on everything I owned and when we went to an amusement park and my parents suggested I ride on the carousel on something other than a horse, I thought they were nuts!! My sister and I took riding lessons when young. My sister wasn't really taken with it; I was in heaven. Well I passed it down to my daughter. Until that dreaded age when girls discover boys and bands, she cantered around too and all her friends had to call her "Horse". (Yes, you Michele : ))
I read somewhere that women who own horses, a large percentage of them would give up their husbands before their horses. So the really smart husbands of those horsewomen allow them all the time they need with their horses.

A horse, they say is the cheapest psychotherapist you could ever have. Horsewomen know that to be true. It's not even just the riding, it's being around the horse, talking to them, touching them, grooming them, for gosh sakes, even mucking their stalls!! It's their deep eyes, their intelligence, their smell. It's the wonder and satisfaction you get when you finally understand how they think about something and when you can get them to understand you. It's the kindness they give back to you for the kindness you give them.
I took a long time to rediscover horses after my younger days. Life happens, careers, marriage, children, then there was that nagging feeling again. All I needed was an excuse and I got it. A class and riding lessons called "Mares and Menopause"!! (Thank you Joy)
Well there's one more thing I can think of about all this. For the horse . . . "Every horse deserves, during sometime in their life, to be loved by a little girl".


  1. Horses are one of God's most beautiful creatures. Btw, stunning photos!


  2. There's a lump in my throat Shirley, that's just beautiful.

  3. Ditto!

    This is so true and so well put. As early as I can remember the beauty of a horse in a field gave me goosebumps. I was lucky enough to have my own horse -- who definitely kept me out of trouble and was key to the person I am today.

  4. I have never owned a horse, but my best friend had one when we were kids. I always treasured the times I had riding, which were not nearly enough.
    I have been around many different kinds of animals, and have rescued many, and I know they have souls. I know they will live on as we do.
    I know that look in the eye and the understanding that comes with it.
    Not everyone has that ability- so you are special- a horse whisperer.
    The next time you ride, ride for me, too.
    Hugs- Tete

  5. Beautiful Shirley....Horses are wonderful and graceful. That's endearing. Linda

  6. Hi Shirley...

    So nice to have you for Sunday Favorites this week, my friend! This was a great post to revisit. I loved reading this and loved your beautiful photos as well! I was blessed to have horses while growing up. My paternal grandfather raised Shetland ponies. We had several ponies when I was very young. Later on we had quarter horses. They truly are a wonderful and beautiful creature! Thanks for sharing this post with us for Sunday was a joy!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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