Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dedicated To Rauls

Rauls went running over the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday to his waiting herd.
He was a 34 year old arab with a great linage. His owner, William is 89. He got Rauls and learned to ride on him at 82!!
Before William bought him he had been standing alone in a pasture for 15 years. They brought a quiet horse to the barn and all of a sudden he "woke up"! He knew two speeds. Stop and go really fast!! William, I don't think, ever got unseated from Rauls! What a team. Rauls will be greatly missed my us all and by his pasture mate Satire.

Satire and Rauls. Pasture buddies for the past 7-8 years.

This is my Mosaic Monday Collage
See others at The Little Red House


  1. What a sweet tribute to friendship - equine and human - and proof that it's never to late to take up a new pursuit.

  2. He's beautiful. Sorry to hear of his passing, it's a lovely tribute you posted!

  3. Such a beautiful animal...what a sad loss. Your mosaic is a lovely tribute.

  4. Hi Shirley, you visited my blog with the spring Jacarandas.
    OOOO I love that you live in your own bubble.

    I am generally known as Jane of Janezworld so its nice to discover Shirley's World!
    I have added your blog to my reader to watch as your world cools down, feel free to watch mine heat up. Which it will big time.
    I live in a small apartment close to the city centre.
    So your world is opposite to mine...
    friends dont have to be the same.

  5. I do hope that Rauls crossed the rainbow bridge peacfully Shirley, and that William is not too distraught. My thoughts go to William and yourself, it's too sad to loose a dear friend.
    Rose H

  6. What a beautiful horse and tribute. I'm sure he will be missed.

  7. After being alone in a paddock for 15 years, it was a fabulous turn of events that bought him to William ... just meant to be! Lovely tribute to a well-loved companion.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear this news. Your photo montage is a lovely tribute to both Rauls and his connection with William. Learning to ride at 82 (or any age) is a great accomplishment. Giving a horse an new lease on life after being alone in a field for years is even a better!

  9. Amazing story.
    Starting so late is very brave, but better late than never.

  10. Oh this is a dear tribute to a wonderful horse. I hope that Satire and all the human friends of Rauls' carry on with sweet memories of him.

  11. What a lovely mare Chica was there to greet him too! What a lovely herd it muct be!!!!! Sandy

  12. How wonderful that Rauls had William in his past 7 years. It sounds like Rauls knew it was time - Rest in Peace Rauls.

  13. How sweet that the "boys" had time together. It's so hard to say good-bye to our four legged friends. Sounds like he had a wonderful ending though.

  14. Run like the wind are home now! Satire will miss you, as will I. Beautiful mom.

  15. Sorry about the passing of Rauls. We know William really enjoyed the time he had with Rauls. We know he will be sadly missed. Jon & Tamara.


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