Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is It Hunting Time Yet?

Rocky's Favorite Time of Year

Pheasant season is almost here!
And oh yeah, Halloween!
Squeaker says Meow.

Happy "Mosaic Monday"


  1. The cat and dog perfectly complement each other and the house! All homeowners should do this for a great look. Rocky must love pheasant season.

  2. Love the mosaic! Rocky and Squeaker are pals :) Both are so sweet looking!

  3. What a beautiful mosaic of black, white and orange. You should have some of these pictures framed!

    Rocky is such a sweet-looking dog. Is he an English Pointer? My father used to have one when I was growing up that he would take pheasant hunting.

  4. I think I just answered my question looking at your sidebar :)

  5. Lovely shots of Rocky and Squeaker and the pumpkins!

  6. Wow, your pets are looking really aristocratically! So nice they like each other.


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