Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Fall Decorating

My Fall Mantle

Yep, I've got a mantle now so of course I'm going to decorate it. And what a perfect time. I love fall decorating more than any other season.

This shelf is an antique architectural piece that is directly across the room from the fireplace. This piece is what we sort of copied the mantle from.
It's a clear, crisp beautiful day here.

Added note. Satire is coming home tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!



  1. Oh, how beautiful your mantle looks all dressed up for the wonderful autumn time! I read your last post too and just love how nice everything looks! I imagine you will have some fun decorating for Christmas too!

  2. What pretty mantels! You have done an amazing job.

  3. Shirley, your new mantle looks like it's always been there! Your fall decorations are beautiful, I love that you modelled your new mantle on the lovely antique shelf.
    So pleased to read that dear Satire is returning to the fold tomorrow. :o) Please give him a (gentle) hug from me!


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