Friday, October 30, 2015

The Past Week in Pictures

I've been sort of lax with my blog!
Mostly because I am scoping a lot on Periscope!
However, I have to get back to this!!
Today I will just show a few things in photos from the past couple weeks.

This is the beautiful scene I see out my front windows of the woods across the street.
Of course this morning there's not as much color since we had two days of rain and high winds!

Photo taken by my daughter where I was helping her with a photo shoot.

And she bought me this beautiful handcrafted bracelet for helping her!!
Thanks Michele.
(Her photography website link is at the bottom of this post.  Take a look at her beautiful work)

Yes, I've learned to crochet and don't seem to be able to stop!
3 hats so far

And starting on slippers!  Just call me grandma!

Little Spirit resting after her 2nd chemo this week.

I think this is a great saying and I'm trying to do my best to live by it.
Anxiety is my big hurdle!!



  1. Great picture of you. So sorry about your dog, hope that she get well soon. The picture of your trees is beautiful - love all the terrific Fall colors.

  2.'s your dog? I hope she's well. I love your quote. Thanks for inspiring.


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