Monday, November 9, 2015

Sprouting Beans and Seeds for You and Your Chickens

I know I did this before but made lots of mistakes at the time.
So here is my second try (in a smaller scale!)

Last time, (which I think there is a post about it awhile back), I tried to make a large flat container of wheat grass.  Well, it stayed to wet,(too hard to drain) and it got moldy and had to be tossed.

This time I am doing some organic lentils in little mason jars.
Just big enough for me or treats for my chickens.

These are organic mung beans.
1. First step, rinse the beans, lentils or seeds well.
Then soak for 8 hours.
2. drain well and rinse again, then drain well again.
3. Set in a darkened area till beans start to sprout.  (rinsing and draining twice a day.)
3. When beans start to sprout well, put into a light area.
They should be ready for your salad etc. or for treats for your chickens in about 5 days.

Mine started to sprout by the 2nd day.
These will be ready in another day.

When seeds, beans or lentils are sprouted they contain more nutrients than just the beans or seeds.
Beans and lentils have always been known as the best source of protein.
When sprouted they also contain more Vitamin C and B vitamins, more thiamine, niacin and riboflavin compared to the seeds.
Beans and legumes are also easier to digest when sprouted.  They don't produce as much intestinal gas because the complex sugars are broken down when sprouted.

So there are many, many advantaged of sprouting!!
Give it a try.

I have done scopes about this subject the past couple days on Periscope.
You can get to them on my Twitter page here:

also here where all my scopes are stored:


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