Monday, April 4, 2016

Menu Monday April 4th - April 10th

April 4th - April 10th

MONDAY:  4/4
Breakfast:  Orange, scrambled eggs with potatoes
Lunch:  Meatloaf sandwich, applesauce
Supper:  Chili, cornbread

B:  Orange, Overnight oats
L:  Chili tortilla and sour cream
S:  Braised chicken breast, butternut squash

B:  Waffle and egg, blueberries
L:  Yogurt and applesauce
D:  Chili, cornbread

B:  Overnight oats and fruit
L:  Almond butter and banana 
D:  Leftover chicken with veg.

FRIDAY:  4/8
B:  Orange, gluten free pancakes
L:  Tomato soup and croutons
D:  Fish (from freezer), green beans, sweet potato

B:  Overnight oats with fruit
L:  Grilled cheese
D:  Pizza

SUNDAY:  4/10
B:  Waffles and fruit
L:  Pizza
D:  left overs (Clean out fridge)

Grocery shopping on Wednesday


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