Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Snowy Winter's Day

They predicted a snowstorm and it started to snow right on time!
It's beautiful but does keep you in as the roads are said to be bad.
Soooo, I'll try and get some things done around here.

I went out to check the chickens and hopefully get an egg or two.

There are two but Martha is sitting so maybe I'll get another one.
I've been getting a couple eggs every other day so far this winter.
No more 5 eggs a day till Spring!

Pepsi is sitting under the heat lamp....mamma cat is out stalking something probably.

Dexter would like to get into the garage to chase the cat!!

The girls seems fine with this temp in the 30's.  They stayed in the coop when it was single digits.

Bruce plowed my driveway already by 1pm!

Roads don't look good and now it's snowing even harder.

Monk loves this kind of weather.

Dexter . . . not so much!

Stay warm!


1 comment:

  1. It's been snowing here since this morning as well, Shirley. Monk and Moon have something in common!...:)JP


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