Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exercising Dexter

Today it was so cold and snowy but going to be even colder tomorrow so I took Dexter to the barn to have a good run in the arena.
I don't think I can tire this dog out!!!

Of course running at full tilt in the deep arena sand gets Dexter pretty dirty on his undercarriage!!
So it's home to the bath tub!
Not his favorite thing but he does OK.

Well I also have to tell you that Dexter's first obedience class was last evening.
He was not obedient!
There were 2 small dogs and a larger dog.
He didn't mind the big dog but barked and whined at the little ones.  Of course the one little poodle was yipping the whole time too!
I couldn't concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing!
I'm sure Dexter felt my anxiety too!
I hope we do better next week!!!
We have homework.  I'm supposed to be working with him paying attention to me and using the clicker.  I definitely was not as interesting to him as the little dogs this week!!



  1. Oh that Dexter is so darn cute and the look on that sweet face. Maybe he would do better if he was alone without the other dogs to distract him. I took my Waldo to Petsmart and paid a little more for private lessons and he did excellent.

  2. Shirley,
    Welcome to another English Pointer! lol What a great idea...the barn!!!! I wish my son has access to one....This is one very good looking dog...and he is so lucky to have you! Merry Christmas!


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