Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Here is this year's handmade Christmas card from my sister.
This year she made me a pop-up card!

They're hard to make! I tried one once!

The Doggie's Christmas

Last evening on Christmas eve, I gave the dogs their presents.

This is probably the first time Dexter ever got a Christmas toy.
It's a "Hurl-A-Squirrel" and he loves it!!  He opened it all himself.


Now, Monk, on the other hand, doesn't open gifts or for that matter, doesn't even play with toys.
He's old.
He's 10 years old now.
I wonder if he played when he was a pup?

How about it?  Does he look pleased??

Merry Christmas everyone and have a blessed New Year.


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