Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year . . . yeah . .

(warning . . this is a venting blog post!)

I have not had the best couple of months leading up to this new year.
My back is giving me fits and now my belly area is not happy!
I had my first ride in an ambulance (Christmas night!!!), that I was the patient and not the nurse accompanying a trauma patient!  However I was in a lot of pain and was never happier to see those nice paramedics!!
Hours in the ER, tests then a 2 day admission to the hospital, oh fun!
In the meantime, things were not going well at home, with my new untrained dog and all.
Well, hopefully the belly problem is getting better and I can go back to all the other wonderful things that age is bringing on!!
About a year ago I started to feel old!  Before that, I didn't like being in my 70's but I was fighting it all the way.  But then I just really started to feel old.  Feel old in my body and my mind.  Maybe it was when my back started giving me such problems and I couldn't do all the things I've done all along without pain.  That sadly includes riding my horses.  (And that's really depressing!)
All physical activity is harder and more painful.
I'm beginning to see why they say "aging is not for sissies!"
My wrinkles are getting more deep set.  I've come to the conclusion that there's no wonder cream out there to turn that around!  Age spots are on the increase and my feet are starting to look old!  
I hate wearing a bra!!!  So in the winter with all these clothes on, why should I?  So there!
My neck looks old and my skin is taking on that crepy look.  The one advantage to winter is turtleneck tops!!
My memory sucks too!  Both for remembering people's names and just for words in general!  Sometimes trying to get an intelligent sentence out is a real trial!
I bet there's a lot of you out there that can relate . . . . Right???

And furthermore:
When did all my furniture get lower???  Even the toilet!
And the seats in the restaurants are doing the same thing too!!
I remember my mother always had trouble with the "low seats" in the restaurants but she was 4'10".
I think I'm still 5'5" at last measurement.

I'm starting to pay people to do what I used to do with no problems.  I have house cleaners to help me, a handyman to do a lot of things I used to do myself.  Shit, I'm even looking for a dog walker to get me through the winter for my new dog Dexter!  He is so full of energy.

OK, I'd better quit now or this will be a really depressing new years post!!
I really am thankful for so many things.
My family and friends and my animals.  My new adopted dog, Dexter makes me laugh everyday.
He doesn't know I'm old as dirt!!

Happy New Year.  I hope this is the best one yet for everyone, including me!!!


Sorry about the rant but I do plan on writing more about this aging thing when the spirit moves me!!
I would appreciate any comments from people that understand!


  1. Shirley - I do understand. I'm in my sixties, and everything is moving South, and nothing works like it used to. But, I keep remembering my 80 year old neighbor who used to say, "I can see, I can hear, I can walk, I can talk, I can think, and I have strength to work for the L-rd." I say it, too, and it is reinforced every time I visit my mother in the nursing home. She is blind, deaf, and has dementia. I still have so much to be thankful for. I pray for you, Shirley, for this heavy spirit to leave you. You are a joy to know and I love your blog.


  2. This year I turned 60 and I am still teaching. I am really feeling it. During the school year,it is all I can do to teach, feed myself and do a little housework, I am so tired from work. That is not living, but I will do it 2 or 3 more years. Last year I had pneumonia and gall bladder out. The back, been there done that, back surgery. I kinda gave up blogging, cause it just became work instead of fun, so now I just follow people. Wrinkles and age spots, mother nature just insulting us! Aging is not fun, but the alternative is unacceptable, LOL. Just looked at your flicker page and your photos are exceptional!! I really loved all your subjects. Keep that camera finger in shape and keep clicking.

  3. I loved your rant, it's so rare for people to be so real and so honest...I however do see many people in the mid seventies who are strong and ready to go, is it just being in shape, is it working on developing the proper it vitamins, do we need shots, lol who knows, however there must be a solution to this problem, we look way to young to be feeling old....I have been having back and hip problems, that can make you feel old fast, I will be getting an epidural and hopefully that will get me back on the mend...hang in there my friend...

  4. Oh Shirley, you have said all that I think everyday. I want to know where my GOLDEN YEARS are?
    I must have slept through them.
    But I am thankful that I live at home by myself and do most of my stuff. I do have gardeners and sometimes I have to hire help for heavy things.
    Today my back was killing me but I just got on the heating pad for a while and it was better.
    I hope you are feeling better - take care of your self.
    Mary I am 78 years old.

  5. At 66, Shirley, I know what you're saying. But each day I hit the gym, I am thankful that exercising has prevented me from medication for my arthritis...the more I move, the better I feel, the more muscle I build and retain, the less it pains, the stronger my limbs become, making my heart and head feeling stronger. Do not think you are alone...age is a wonderful thing!!!!...:)JP

  6. We are allowed to rant every now and again when we are getting older it's no fun but we just can't stop it, it happens to all of us.

  7. yay! I made it! ... Hello from Boise, Idaho - Dean & Tamra K

  8. I found this one on the main page Shirley :) Dean & Tka


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