Thursday, January 9, 2014

Survived the Arctic Vortex!!!

Like a lot of the country, this past Monday and Tuesday were colder than it's been in years.  Well below zero with wind chills to like 30 below!!
We didn't get the snow storm that was first predicted so that was a blessing.  I also did not lose power.  That was my biggest fear.
I don't know what I would've done.  I can only get so may animals in my car!!!
But I had the fireplace that I kept a fire in for two days because my furnace couldn't quite keep up with the temps and wind outside.
My thermostat as you see was set at 72 but the house was at 64.

Here's one of the trips out to give the chickens some warm treats.

I know that 64 in the house doesn't seem cold but it felt cold enough for me to keep my overalls and muck boots on for 2 days!!  I did that mostly because I kept having to go outside for the barn cats and the chickens and to let the dogs in and out.

Well everyone survived and it was up above 20 today which seemed warm!!  This weekend it's supposed to be in the 40's!!
Crazy weather.



  1. So glad that everyone made it through your cold spell. In SO CA we had wonderful weather and I worried so about all of our blogging friends.
    Take care of yourself Shirley and stay warm.

  2. Crazy weather all around the world at the moment.


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