Thursday, January 2, 2014

Carrying On

I'm feeling a little more human today.
Did I tell you that my daughter talked me into getting a Nutra Bullet.
I read about it and watched the video and I guess it can only help with my nutrition!
I've been making a drink in the morning and having it for breakfast or for lunch.
Since the doctor put me on a low sodium diet, these taste really good.
The first two days I made a green toxin cleansing blast which had spinach, banana, pineapple, apple and pear in it.  Yummy good.
Today I had the Vita-Berry Blast which was spinach, banana, blue berries and strawberries.

The finished color isn't too pretty when you mix green, blue and red but its really good.
 Do any of you use the Nutra Bullet??

I am on a low sodium diet because the actual reason I was admitted to the hospital last week was because my Potassium levels were dangerously low!  So since sodium depletes potassium, there you go!  Plus since one of my BP meds had to be stopped I have to watch my sodium intake.
All I can say, I must have been used to using quite a bit of salt because this is the hardest most yucky bland diet to be on.  However I'm learning a lot.
You can ask Google the amount of sodium in anything and it will tell you!!
Canned anything has a huge amount of sodium it it and the salt free canned vegetables are just awful.
Canned soup has a huge amount of sodium.
There goes those easy crockpot recipes!
I did learn that if you take a regular can of vegetables and rinse them well, it gets rid of about 40% of the sodium.
Bread has a lot of sodium  : ((  I love bread!
Ice cream and chocolate syrup are low  : ))
This diet alone will force me to eat better.  I plan on getting fresh organic vegetables and fruits.

I even tried grits yesterday!  I had never had them before and they have 0mg of sodium.
So it was worth the sodium in a Tbsp of butter and some brown sugar to make a tasty filling breakfast!

We'll see how this goes, I think I can do it!

(Yes, I can have my eggs!)


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  1. Although I knew you were in the hospital! I did not know why until today. I am trying to watch my sodium because I am a junk nut ...popcorn, chips, Tostitos, Cheetos...but haven't had any in weeks. I love grits...try oat bran too, Shirley...kind of like that too in the Winter! Be good and yes, you can do it!...:)JP


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