Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Scapes from Other Years

Here are some collages from the last few years.
Winter scenes.

Yes, winter comes every year and always seems bad, but we've had winters this cold before and I'm sure we will again.  
Just makes us Northerners appreciate Spring all the more when it finally gets here!

OK, I'm going to go build a fire in the fireplace again and have some more hot cocoa!



  1. I can sure remember those winters when we lived in Ohio up by Lake Erie - very very cold. But when your young it doesn't seem to bother you. Now I would freeze to death. Stay warm.
    Beautiful pictures.

  2. Love the beautiful ice and snow pictures, I wish I could take pictures that beautiful...loved the icycle one, so in southern ca. snow is so fasinating since we never see it, except up in the mountains...people travel miles and miles just to go play in the snow or even see it...sounds so silly to you I am sure...stay warm, I would love some hot chocolate too.........come over for a visit, I would love to see a comment from you on some valentines, hope you like it....Phyllis


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