Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yes, it's been horribly cold.  Actually too cold to snow all that much except for today.  It went way up to the low 20's and it's been snowing all day.  My snow plow guy has been here twice.
However tonight it's supposed to go below zero again.
Here's Dexter out in the snow.  Monk actually likes it but I didn't get a picture.  My hens wouldn't leave the coop so I closed their pop door and gave then some corn and greens.

My sister is here with me and I think I'll build another nice fire in the fireplace and make us some real hot chocolate from real Cocoa.  (and whipped cream on the top  : ))

Stay warm.



  1. Hi Shirley, My computer has been on the fritz, so am now just able to read your past posts. I hope you feel better soon. I totally sympathize with you about aging. Am about to turn 71-it is hard to believe we are getting this old-in my heart I feel about 50. It can be really depressing to realize that we just can't do what we used to do, or have the energy to do it. It feels like my life is on accelerated speed. So many things that I wish I had done and time flying by so fast. We have to stay positive and enjoy our daily life. I wish I was your neighbor--I'd be right there to help you out. Stay warm and stay well.

  2. Mitzi say it all - I feel the same way. Want to do so much by I don't have the strength or energy tp dp all the things I had planned when I retired. So much for our Golden Years LOL
    Hope you are feeling better and that your sister is with you. Stay warm - I remember all about Ohio winters as we lived up by Lake Erie on a farm - way to cold for me.

  3. I am glad to hear your Sister is still there. Dexter looks great, Shirley! It has been very cold here as well...enjoy your hot chocolate!...)JP


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