Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm Afraid The Weeds Have Won!

This isn't pretty!!
Getting out to the front gardens and weeding an hour or so once a week,
just doesn't do it.
If I don't get some help from my handyman and his wife 
or find a gardener (NOT A LANDSCAPER),
I'm sunk.
It's very depressing. My back will not allow me to do a lot of bending for very long.
Trying to find someone to just help with the flower garden is almost impossible.
Where do you look?  Everyone is listed as a landscaper and that means really expensive.
I just need someone, that loves gardening to help me.  I'm willing to pay some!
To help weed mostly but to also dig out some small dead boxwood and move a few plants.
I'm calling my handyman today and see what he has to say!
Here are my photos!
Don't judge!!

If there is one positive note, the yellow finch like the thistles and there are butterflies in this weed patch/garden.  Also there's lots of little baby toads in there plus a couple small frogs!!
Sure!  It's like a jungle!!!
 The small low patch is my herb garden.  I had it all cleaned out about 3 weeks ago!!

Look, there's even a cherry tomato plant there!!
Now where did that come from?  My vegetable garden is no where near this.




  1. Hi Shirley, Try contacting your county's Master Gardener organization and ask that they send out a message asking for weeding help and indicating you will pay. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Beth. I didn't even know there was such a thing! I'll look into it..

  2. Well, you certainly have your hands full! Great suggestion getting some help....I try to work my gardens every day...late in the afternoon but it is a killer on backs!...:)JP

    1. I know JP. I did go out after I wrote the post and started to at least weed my herb garden area! I'll try and finish that up over the weekend.

  3. Good luck finding someone. I pay extra to my gardeners for total yard care. Here in CA we have to have a gardener 12 months of the year and weekly. I can't do it anymore - to old- bad back, arthritis and COPD so I am limited.
    I am sure the birds left the tomato seeds.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. I hope I can find someone too. I love having a pretty cottage garden and I just can't keep up either. Well, I thank the birds as this plant is cherry tomatoes which I didn't plant this year in my vegetable garden! I only planted a couple big tomatoes. I also have some cherry tomatoes coming up in my compost pile!!


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