Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Always Something . . . Diabetes

That's what they named it.
I finally was successful in figuring out how to start another blog.
So if you are diabetic or a senior and want to check it out, here's the link:

I found out a couple months ago that I'm what they are calling "pre-diabetic".
Since then I've found out that it just means that the diabetes was detected in an early phase.
I always thought to myself that I would never be surprised if I got it as it is in my genes on my mother's side.  My aunt and my grandmother both had type 2 diabetes.
But, you know, I am sort of surprised.  Mostly because I've always been thin and pretty active.
Obviously, that doesn't always matter!
I didn't have the signs I always associated with diabetes; thirst and frequent urination.
But I did have other signs that I tried to ignore.
Fatigue, hunger, tingling in hands and feet and at times, blurred vision!
Since I knew I was and probably have always been, addicted to sweets, I started counting carbs!
That is very hard for me, let me tell you.
The only way I could do it successfully is to write down every morsel that I eat and the carb. content.
After 2 months, it became a little easier and I am aware of the carb grams in many things that I eat.
I try to keep it under 180 per day but it was hard.  I want to make it below 150.
Now I read that that's the wrong way to do it.  You can't play around with the count so you end up at a certain number.  You can't eat nothing for lunch and save the grams for a big bedtime snack.  NUTS!
It's better to eat at an even level all day.
I'm also learning how the glycemic index of things comes into play.
This past week I've started testing my numbers with finger sticks and a meter.

This is a hell of a lot to learn and change at 72!  That's for sure.
I denied it at first, then was angry and now I'm rather depressed the more I read!!
But I'm always HUNGRY!!!!

Please, I'd appreciate any thoughts and help from you people in my blogging world that have type 2.
My A1c was 6.2 by the way.

I'll be writing more shortly in my other blog.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis of diabetes. I don't have any idea of how to help you with this at all. My Granny was diagnosed with it when she was probably 87 or so. She really didn't try to do much about it from what I remember. If she wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 2 in the morning she got up and made it and ate it. lol My uncle and 2 aunts are all diabetics who have to take the shots. So far my mom doesn't have it. Hopefully someone who knows first hand about diabetes will be able to help you to figure it all out.

    Hugs & Prayers,

    1. Thanks Angela,
      There's tons of info out there but I'd like to talk with people that actually are going through this about everyday coping. My Primary Dr. did have a dietitian in to talk to me and another woman who was newly diagnosed. The dietitian was a diabetic also so that was helpful.

  2. My mom has been monitoring her sugar with finger sticks for more than 5 yrs & she is 79. She then adjusts her intake accordingly. But if you didn't know her, you couldn't tell by her food & sweets intake! She makes the best apple & cherry pies & zucchini cakes! Wishing you the best with this new situation. Don't let it get you down as God wouldn't give you more than you can handle.

    1. Thanks Cathy. I know I have support from all you guys at the barn! I can deal with this!

  3. Shirley, I am a pre diabetic also. I prick my finger every morning and it's always about 100 to 110. I take medication 2 times a day. Watch what I eat and try to have three meals a day. I know that it makes you tired and hands and feet tingle, but just watch what you eat and take your medication and you should be fine. Good luck.

    1. Hi Mary,
      My doctor hasn't put me on any meds yet, just said to watch my diet and had me talk to a dietician. My fasting bld sugar has been between 88 and 102. One of my questions is . . . What is a normal rise in bld sugar after meals?

  4. Shirley, although I don't know much about diabetes itself, I do know that a glycemic indexing of foods is a great tool and resource for healthful eating. Please don't be angry or will learn to manage this. After all, look what you've already done!...:)JP

    1. Thanks for the encouragement JP. I can always count on you to write. I'm most depressed in the morning when I first awaken. I'm thinking maybe it is because that's when my blood sugar is at its lowest!


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