Monday, August 25, 2014

Who Saved My Front Garden!

I have a handyman named Kerry who comes when I call him with a list of things to be done around here.  
Things I can't do myself or that have gotten out of hand.  
Or just things I don't want to do!
He'll do things either outside or inside.
In the summer of course it's mostly outside.
I called him about the weed problem in my front gardens.  
I posted about it a couple posts ago.
I was hoping he just didn't give up on me because he already did this once in the spring!
I didn't keep up!
He worked all day and here it is.

This is amazing if you compare it to how it was just yesterday!!!!
I think I'm going to just sit out there with a bottle of weed killer!!
I can't let it look like this again!!




  1. He did a good job the path was lost in there but all clear and looking neat now.

  2. Replies
    1. And someone to help me lift the bags!!!

  3. Maybe we can do it when I get there ;-)


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