Monday, September 1, 2014

A DELICIOUS Way to Use Your Garden Tomatoes

I suppose it could be because I'm starving all the time . . .
I don't think so.

This afternoon after picking MORE tomatoes, I made some bruschetta.
I found some good looking recipes on Pinterest then just winged it.

Here's mine.
 Dice up tomatoes, cucumber, fresh basil and red onion.
I removed the seeds from the cucumber.

 Drizzle olive oil over top and add salt and pepper.

 Cut some crusty bread wedges and butter.  You can rub fresh garlic on top but I used this 
garlic spread that I got.  It's wonderful!

Broil the slices for just a few minutes.  Watch closely.
I would also flip over and do both sides.

Spoon your Bruschetta mixture on top.

Now enjoy by just picking them up and eating!
This is one of those foods that I just closed my eyes to really enjoy!!  You know, how you can get the full taste that way.
It was one of the best things I ever made!!!
I'm going to make it for my sister when she comes!



  1. That looks good and healthy too.

    1. Yes, and not to bad on carbs either. 30 gm for the bread, that's it.

  2. This is part of one of our favorite meals. A casual table set with this deliciously fresh dish and some cheeses, salami, wine. Mmmm good.


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