Monday, September 29, 2014

Poor Eggo!

The hens are molting.
However, Eggo is losing a lot of her big tail feathers and wing feathers all at once.
She is the lowest in the pecking order as it is and I hope no one is 
"helping" her lose any!
The last couple nights when I did my last check for eggs, I saw that Eggo was roasting in one of the nests instead of the normal place on the roasting poles with the rest of the little flock.
So last night I watched inside the coop.  I wanted to make sure that the rest of them, namely Martha, was not being mean to her and chasing her off.  But I saw her try to flutter up to the poles with the rest of them and she couldn't make it because her wing feathers are almost gone.  She may have a couple on one side and not the other so she would fly crooked.
Anyway she couldn't make it so she went back to the nesting box to sleep.
Here she is outside today.
See, almost no long feathers and no tail feathers!

Poor little girl!



  1. what happens now?...:)JP

    1. The new feathers are growing right behind the lost ones so it won't take too long befor she'll be all new again.


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