Monday, September 29, 2014

Tomato-Cheese Pie

I have to thank Judy Von Duyke for this recipe!
She is the mom of the owner and trainer of the barn where my horses are.
Judy is about the same age as me.
One big difference.
She  can really cook!!!!
She brought a piece of this pie to the barn last week for us to try.
I loved it so much I made it yesterday again.

I had a big bunch of cherry tomatoes that I wanted to use up so that's why mine is so lumpy!!
All big slices from regular sized tomatoes look so much nicer!
Well . . . next time.

A single pie crust that was baking in the oven first.
Tomatoes, provolone cheese, herbs, and creamy Caesar dressing.
I used fresh basil, oregano and sage from my garden.

 Then you layer it.
I wasn't sure what to start with so I laid down tomatoes first, then dressing and herbs then cheese.

Then repeat layers.

Ending with cheese.

Now just place in the oven at about 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.
 See, how lumpy mine is!!!!

And this is after Dexter tasted it because I had it too close to the edge of the counter and he was watching!!

Last night's supper:
Tomato-cheese pie and a turkey burger.
Only 16 carbs in the whole meal!

Thanks Judy.

I hope you hold some cooking classes this winter at your house!!


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