Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Poor, Hormonal Martha!

Yes, she's been in and out of her cage for a week.  After 3 days I thought she was done running to her nest because she would come out into the run in the morning and go out into the yard with the flock.
However, she started running back to the nest every time I put them back into the run.  She made a bee line for the ramp!
Today I tossed her out of the nest 5 times before I put her back into the cage!
Another thing, I've noticed that she has been downright mean to all the other girls.  Just pecking them in the head if they got near her while she was eating in the yard.!  Yes, she's downright hormonal!!


Note:  I have another blog called "It's Always Something".
It's about health issues, the many difficulties and hurdles of aging and about diabetes type 2.
So take a look if you want, especially if you are a senior.
Here's the link:

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