Thursday, September 25, 2014

Miss Ellie Has Gone On To Heaven

Here are some pictures of Miss Ellie from 4 years ago when she was a healthy and very obstinate cat!
AND a little fat!

Her personality then was just sort of grouchy, stand offish and sometimes downright mean!
After Squeaker, my other cat died, Ellie's personality took an about face.  She got nice!
She even got on your lap at times!
Obviously she liked being the only cat in the house!
She kept all dogs at bay however.
She was the good mouser of this old house.
I hope I don't get over-run now!!

This past year she started to lose weight.  I took her to the vet for blood work but everything was normal.
However the last few weeks she had lost a huge amount of weight and then it went to not eating and today she wasn't even keeping water down.
She just wanted to sleep.
She lived a good long life.  She was about 14 years old.
She went on to the Rainbow Bridge to be with all my others that have gone before.

Good kitty.



  1. I am so sorry you have lost your kitty. My Chloe passed away nearly 3 years ago and I still sometimes think I feel her jump on my bed at night to sleep along side of me.

  2. It's always sad when they go but that was a good age.

  3. Shirley, so sad about Ellie but as you said she was ready. When my Vern died he was 17 and he too was a great hunter! ...:)JP

  4. Shirley, I'm sorry for your loss of Ellie and Monk. It's very hard to lose beloved pets.


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