Saturday, October 11, 2014

Horsey Education

The last three classes we have had, have been on conformation.
This 3rd of the series was on the legs and hooves of the horse.
First an hour of class time then we went out into the barn and pastures to see examples of what we were learning.
Here are a few photos from today's session.

Blue is 18 years old but with several problems and is already retired.

Retired Cassey is the oldest mare in the barn but one of the best put together, conformationally speaking.

We walked way to the back of the pasture because of course, that's where this herd was!!

This is one of Sarah's retired Arabs, Whizkid.

This is an older arab with some back leg suspensory problems.

Here is Preacher, he has all kinds of conformational problems but I love him anyway!

Same with big ol' Echo!!

This is Andrew and is a fine specimen of the Haflinger breed.

One thing is for sure that these classes have taught me . . . take a knowledgable person (like Sarah) with me if I'm looking at a horse and get it vet checked and probably farrier checked before buying!!!

By the way, the barn is Winfield Farm and Forge in Grafton, OH
And is very educationally oriented.
Come and join the Bit's and Pieces Club
We meet once a month on all kinds of horse and riding subjects.


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  1. What an awesome learning experience for horse lovers, Shirley!...:)JP


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